Wallsend Devils



The history of Wallsend Football Club is laced with glittering, successful seasons that reflect the club’s historical value and standing in the minds of football people. A strong desire to achieve has made the club one of the most winningest in Australia, a stature that still earns respect despite a lean period in its history.

In its duration, the club has amassed an incredible 12 Major Premierships [11 Runners-Up], 4 Minor Premierships, 2 Club Championships, 65 Cups [13 Runners-Up], and a host of people with vivid memories of football at Wallsend Reserve, Crystal Palace, and Austral Park.

Wallsend Football Club have produced 20 Australian representatives, and two Olympians; players who, along with the Premierships and Cup wins, have put the club firmly on the footballing map of Australia.

Long-standing rivalries against West Wallsend, Adamstown, and more recently Lambton, have exemplified the continuing passion of our club and players; the fire burns as strong as ever. Our junior Red Devils are shaped with these sentiments – willing and eager to follow heroes of the past in forming their own legacies and footprints.

The history, the badge, the grounds, the red-and-white, the wins and the losses, the people and the players are the strong, interlaced, and tightly-knit fabric of what is quintessentially Wallsend Football Club – a homage to what football can be, and can do for us all.