The Gardens Greyhound Club was formed in June 2014 to conduct greyhound racing at The Gardens complex in Wallsend. The Gardens Greyhound Club is trading as Newcastle Greyhounds and is known to punters as Ladbrokes Gardens.

From 1 July 2014, The Gardens Greyhound Club has been registered to operate all racing and trialling conducted at Ladbrokes Gardens as well the venue’s commercial operations.

The Gardens Greyhound Club has an open club membership and, following the first Board’s term, will have a mix of independent and member elected directors. The Board structure reflects best practice in corporate governance principles and will bring greyhound racing into line with the practices in place in clubs in other racing codes.

The club is comprised of a new board that is made up of four members, including:

  • Brett Lazzarini (Chairman)
  • Brian Sanotti (Vice Chairman)
  • Dale Millard (Treasurer).
  • James Herington (Company Secretary)

Greyhound racing is conducted at Ladbrokes Gardens on a Friday between 4pm and 7pm, and each Saturday afternoon. The track has a loam surface and a cable lure system is installed, bar facilities are available for the enjoyment of patrons.

** A copy of the Club Constitution is available from the administration office of the club on request

Greyhound Racing

Greyhound racing is a sport whereby greyhounds race by chasing an artificial hare or rabbit round a track. The first greyhound past the finish line is declared the winner. Other than the prize money that goes to the winning greyhound, persons that correctly predict the winning dog can place bets also win.

Though the first recorded attempt at racing greyhounds on a straight track was made in 1876, the sports’ current recognizable form that features circle and oval tracks came about after the invention of the artificial hare in 1912 by Owen Patrick Smith. In Australia, the sport is run by the Australia Greyhound Racing Association.

Greyhound racing at The Gardens Greyhound Racing Club takes place every Friday and Saturday afternoons for twilight meetings throughout the year with our club being one of the most prestigious venues.


Drive North on the M1, take the Link Rd turnoff (A15) to Newcastle/Wallsend and follow for approximately 7 km. Follow the signs to Newcastle/Wallsend and turn left at the lights at (IBIS Hotel) Lake Road, Wallsend. Turn right at roundabout onto Cowper Street. Follow to the lights at Minmi Road and keep going straight. Turn left at intersection onto Tillie Street. Follow to the end and turn right onto Sandgate Road. Ladbrokes Gardens is approximately 100m on the left.