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Diggin Deep for Jeanette & Dave!!!


On the 10th May 2016, Jeanette and Dave were involved in a horrific car accident on their way to Gosford Greyhound Races. They have both sustained very serious injuries and will have to endure many months of rehabilitation.

As valued and loved members of our greyhound family and friends to many, we would like to raise as much money as we possibly can for them. We would like to make sure they can concentrate on getting well again without worrying about anything else along the way!

Please help us to help them “Diggin Deep for Jeanette & Dave”!


Paula: 0457 188 376          Belinda: 0409 606 567          Sonia: 49 903 090

Bank Details as follows:

The Greater 

Name: Diggin Deep for Jeanette and Dave

BSB: 637-000

A/C No: 721416496